Three Tips Make the Most of Online Piano Lessons

While there is no doubt that in-person piano lessons are ideal for a student, sometimes it may not be possible for a student to attend in-person lessons due to various reasons. The current situation has also led to an increased demand for online piano lessons which is why Encore Piano Academy has started providing this […]

Five Ways How Your Child will Benefit from Learning Music

Most people would agree that learning music has its advantages. Here are five ways how your child will benefit from learning music. Improves brain development Studies[1] have shown that the brain of adult musicians had larger volume of grey matter compared to non-musicians.  The same study also showed that structural brain changes associated with motor […]

The Benefits of Starting Your Piano Education with Western Classical Music

Western classical music often tends to be labelled as “music for older people”, “boring music” or “music for relaxation or sleeping”. While these are misconceptions that have been caused partly due to how classical music is portrayed by mainstream media, the declining interest in classical music among the general public is also due to the […]

Piano vs Keyboard – What is the Difference and What to Buy?

A good instrument plays a key role in developing technique and skill. Knowing the difference between a piano and keyboard is important before you decide to study or purchase the instrument. The most significant difference between a piano and a keyboard is in the keys. The keys of an acoustic piano have hammers attached to […]

What is the Right Age to Start Learning the Piano?

Introducing your child to music at a young age has a positive impact on his or her development. There have been many examples of this and in this video, musician and YouTuber Rick Beato shows us how he introduced his son to music when he was a baby and the positive impacts it had on […]

Parent’s Role in Developing their Child’s Musicianship

Parents play a crucial role in development of their child’s musicianship especially for children who are 12 years and below. At Encore Piano Academy, we encourage our student’s parents to attend their child’s piano lessons at least once a month especially for our younger students. Students who are below 12 years will usually need parental […]

How Long Should You Practise?

Regular practise is one of the most important ways by which you can progress with your instrument. However, how many hours do you need to practise every day? While there is no golden number when it comes to the right amount of hours you need to practise, beginners can use the below indicative duration to […]

Five Things You Need to Learn the Piano

While you certainly need a piano if you want to learn it, here are five other things you will need if you are serious about learning the piano. Discipline This is one of the most important qualities you must possess if you want to learn the piano or any instrument. To progress learning the piano […]

How Long Does it Take to Master the Piano (or any Skill)?

I often get asked by new students about how long it would take to master the piano. To become a master or an expert at any skill requires a lot of time, energy, and hard work. Whether it is playing the piano, painting, dancing or even practising medicine, law or business, most people must set […]

A Brief History of Western Classical Music

Classical music broad term used to describe the standard music produced by Western culture from the Middle Ages till present date. It is composed by musicians who are trained in the art of composing and music notation so that other musicians can play it. This article briefly touches upon the key characteristics, popular music forms […]