Founder, Curriculum Specialist & Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) Piano

Siddharth has more than 15 years of experience in music and the founder of Encore Piano Academy. His mission is to unlock the hidden gems of Western classical music, sharing its enriching essence with all who seek to embrace its value in their lives.

His musical odyssey began with the strumming of a guitar, fuelled by a passion for rock and metal music. During his college days, Siddharth's musical journey flourished as he lent his talents to the college band, triumphing in numerous competitions both within and beyond campus walls. As time unfolded, his sonic horizons expanded, transitioning from rock to the intricate realms of metal and ultimately finding solace in the timeless elegance of Western classical piano.

After his MBA, he worked in the corporate sector for eight years while simultaneously learning the piano and attaining formal qualifications in the subject including the Associate Diploma from Trinity College London. With Encore, his vision crystallises into a sanctuary for aspiring musicians, offering a meticulously crafted curriculum and a nurturing environment designed to guide each student along their unique musical journey which he feels is lacking in India.

Beyond his roles in academia, Siddharth's creative spirit thrives in the realm of composition, where he blends contemporary flair with classical depth, drawing inspiration from the likes of Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, Frédéric Chopin, and Dmitri Shostakovich. His compositions, a fusion of classical, jazz, and folk elements, serve as a testament to his boundless artistic vision. Continuously evolving, Siddharth is currently pursuing the Licentiate Diploma in Piano and scaling new heights with his exploration of the Rock & Pop Guitar, epitomising his unwavering commitment to musical excellence and innovation.



Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Grade 8 Piano (TCL)

Riaz is an accredited and highly motivating music teacher who has over the span of a decade guided numerous students across the globe and of all age groups from 6 to 60+. As a creative composer, songwriter and music producer, he records original songs, instrumental music and commercial jingles at his studio. He also has been associated with Yamaha Music India as a trainer and demonstrator for their digital piano category.



Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Grade 8 Piano (TCL)

Since childhood, music has been integral to Nidhi’s life, shaping a deep connection to Western musical traditions. She has engaged in diverse musical pursuits, from masterclasses to collaborations with ensembles, and contributed to theatrical productions, fuelling her passion for artistic expression. Teaching is a source of enrichment for her, fostering continuous learning and a desire to evolve both as an educator and performer. While captivated by Western classical music, she’s drawn to Jazz’s improvisational charm, aspiring to explore its nuances. Currently, she’s focused on attaining a diploma certification and refining her composition and arrangement skills.


Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Grade 8 Piano (TCL)

Teaching music is Joel’s passion. He delights in guiding students on their musical journeys, helping them uncover their talents. Immersed in music from a young age, he has refined his skills under experienced mentors in classical and contemporary music. With a deep appreciation for diverse musical styles, he advocates for a holistic approach to education, encouraging exploration across genres. He is currently working towards his diploma while also delving in new musical styles, believing that ongoing learning is essential for both as a musician and teacher. 


Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Grade 8 Piano (TCL) • Grade 5 Music Theory (TCL)

Bivin comes with over a decade of experience in teaching and performing. As a pianist, he is versatile in various musical genres, ranging from jazz to classical. Having worked numerous music halls, orchestras, and music schools as a soloist, his adeptness in sight-reading, playing by ear, and improvisation shines through. He specialises in classical instruction for its foundational value while emphasising improvisation as a fundamental aspect of musical understanding. He believes in the transformative power of music, viewing it as a universal language that connects souls and evokes emotions. 



Piano Faculty
Teaching Qualifications: Grade 8 Piano (TCL) [exp. 2024] • Grade 5 Music Theory (TCL)

Teaching is where Goutham’s heart truly resides; he thrives on captivating students and igniting inspiration within them. While he possesses a strong foundation in Western Classical music, he has also comes experience in the music industry. He has contributed as an assistant music composer for Tamil and Telugu films, including the recent Tamil film “FIR”. His passion lies in folk music, particularly within the Tamil folk genre.