The Importance of Using a Piano Bench

The rhythmic beats, the melodic flows, the harmonious chords. Playing the piano is truly an art form, but it can quickly turn into a strenuous task if one lacks the proper equipment. One crucial aspect of piano playing that often goes overlooked is the piano bench. A properly designed bench can not only bring comfort to the pianist, but it can also elevate their posture and technique. But beware, ordinary household chairs or ergonomic alternatives simply won’t cut it, as they are not intended for the demands of piano playing.

A bench with a comfortable seat is important as pianists are required to sit for extended periods of time. A padded bench will alleviate fatigue and allow the pianist to focus solely on their performance. An adjustable bench is also an added bonus, as it accommodates growing pianists and adapts to their evolving posture and skill level.

A sturdy bench is equally important, as a bench that wobbles or moves during a performance can distract and hinder the pianist’s accuracy. A bench with a solid construction will keep the pianist centred and focused, allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted performance.

The bench’s height plays a crucial role in maintaining proper posture, as a bench that is too high or too low can put a strain on the back and shoulders, hindering the pianist’s ability to play correctly. With the right height, a pianist can sit upright and align their body, which in turn makes it easier to reach the keys and pedals, improving their technique and ability to play fast passages with ease.

In conclusion, the piano bench is not just a mere piece of equipment, it is a vital tool in the pianist’s arsenal. A proper bench will bring comfort, improve posture and technique, and enhance the overall playing experience. So, if you wish to fully immerse yourself in the musical world, it is imperative that you invest in a top-notch piano bench.

Below are some of the bench options that can be considered:

Basic Adjustable Keyboard Benches – Ideal if you spend limited time practicing the instrument.

Price Range: INR 1500-2000

basic adjustable keyboard bench
Basic Adjustable Keyboard Bench

Padded Adjustable Keyboard Benches – Ideal if you spend considerable time practicing as the padding will make the entire experience more comfortable.

Price Range: INR 3500-7500

padded adjustable keyboard bench
Padded Adjustable Keyboard Bench

Adjustable Piano Benches with or without storage – Ideal for intermediate and advanced students as it gives you the option to make fine adjustments to the seating height that plays a crucial role in your technique.

Price Range: INR 10,000 and above

adjustable piano bench
Adjustable Piano Bench