Three Tips Make the Most of Online Piano Lessons

While there is no doubt that in-person piano lessons are ideal for a student, sometimes it may not be possible for a student to attend in-person lessons due to various reasons. The current situation has also led to an increased demand for online piano lessons which is why Encore Piano Academy has started providing this service. To make the online experience as close to an in-person experience, we ensure that our teacher uses a high definition professional camera and a dedicated studio microphone to ensure excellent video and audio quality. The teacher will also be connected to a high spend internet connection to ensure the network’s bandwidth does not limit the quality of the feed.

Here are three tips that can help you make the most of our online piano lessons:

  1. Use a broadband or high-speed Wi-Fi connection

    Mobile internet is often slow and tends to weaken especially inside your house even if you have opted for a fast data plan. Ensure that you are connected to a broadband or high-speed Wi-Fi network for best results. As the audio-video feed you will be receiving from your teacher will be a high definition feed, your internet connection needs to be fast enough for you to watch it in real time without loss in quality or lag. Your network’s speed also dictates how your audio-video feed appears to your teacher. Hence it is essential for both teacher and student to be connected to a high-speed network connection. A minimum of 5-10Mbps upload/download speed is recommended for a stable experience.

  2. Place your camera in the correct position

    Ensure that the camera is placed in such a manner by which the teacher can see what the student is playing, and the student can also see the teacher without straining too much. Another option is to place the camera over the piano using a gooseneck phone holder so that the teacher has a clear view of the keys and your finger position. However, in this option the student may not be able to see the teacher’s video feed as the phone will be over the student’s head. A solution to this problem is to join the lesson using a second device that is placed in front of the student.

  3. Make sure the room is lit

    Make sure your room is properly lit by opening your curtains or by switching on all the lights. Poorly lit rooms can reduce the video quality and make it difficult for your teacher to see how you are playing. Also avoid placing the camera facing bright light (like a window/door/lamp) as it can result in the student getting silhouetted.

If the student already owns a dedicated microphone, there is no harm in using it for the online lessons as it would improve the audio quality and help the teacher to hear what the student is playing more clearly. However, this is not a mandatory requirement and there is no need to purchase additional equipment just for the sake of online lessons.

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