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Encore Piano Academy is a music school based in Chennai, India focusing exclusively on providing the best Online Western Classical Piano Education experience.


Why spend time driving to a music school or a teacher’s house when you can learn piano from some of the best certified piano teachers in India from the comfort of your home? Our online piano class is the best option for those who’d like to pursue piano seriously. 

Over 100 piano enthusiasts from Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia have joined our online piano programme.


The Encore curriculum places a robust emphasis on piano pedagogy, meticulously adapted for online learning. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dynamic curriculum and innovative teaching methods, which are in a constant state of evolution. We consistently explore new approaches to ensure that our program remains relevant to the changing times.

Unlike traditional music education models that centre solely around graded music exams by recognised boards like Trinity, ABRSM, LCM, etc., our program views these exams as just one integral component. We envision a comprehensive musical education that goes beyond exam preparation, aiming to foster well-rounded musicians capable of applying their skills in real-world scenarios.

In terms of musical style, we advocate for a balanced foundation, with 80% of the curriculum dedicated to Western Classical repertoire. This foundation provides a strong musical base, while the remaining 20% focuses on diverse popular music styles and genres, including student-chosen repertoire.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to train students in the four pillars essential for creating well-rounded musicians, as outlined below:

Performance & Technique

Fluency & accuracy while performing Communication & interpretation of the pieces performed Technical control of the instrument Repertoire or the pieces the student can perform Stagecraft or stage presence


Gain a solid foundation in music literacy: the conventions of Western music notation, melody, rhythm and harmony Build knowledge of music history, as well as form and instrumental capabilities

Practical Musicianship

Sight-reading or the art of reading music notation/sheet music Aural or ear training General musical awareness about music history, styles, forms, etc.Composition/ImprovisationArranging

Practise & Feedback

Effective practise strategies for best results Constructive feedback from the teacher to improve the overall performance


Our curriculum aligns closely with the learning objectives established by prominent international music exam boards such as Trinity College London and ABRSM. We offer comprehensive coaching for students interested in pursuing both practical and theoretical music examinations, ensuring a well-rounded and structured approach to their musical education.



Siddharth Kumar is a western classical piano teacher in Chennai , India with more than 15 years of experience in music and the founder of Encore Piano Academy. He holds an ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) Diploma in Piano Performance. His vision is to share the relatively unfamiliar treasure trove of western classical music with individuals so that more people can experience the value it adds to their lives.

His journey in music started in 2006, when he picked up the guitar to learn his favourite rock songs. During his grad and post-grad years, he was part of the college band and regularly performed and won college and inter-college competitions. Over the years, his interests transcended from rock to metal and eventually western classical. 

After finishing his MBA, Siddharth worked for an MNC for eight years, and finally transformed his passion to his profession and started Encore Piano Academy. He has written a column on “Great Composers” for the online daily, “Pen News”, wherein he has profiled nearly 40 celebrated composers of the past four centuries.

He is also an international award-winning photographer.


SiddharthFounder, Curriculum Specialist & Piano Faculty
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• Associate of Trinity College London in Piano (ATCL) • MBA
RiazPiano Faculty
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• Grade 8 in Piano (TCL) • BMus
NidhiPiano Faculty
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• Grade 8 in Piano (TCL) • BA Mus-Psy-Eng
JoelPiano Faculty
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• Grade 8 in Piano (TCL)
BivinPiano Faculty
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• Grade 8 in Piano (TCL) • Grade 5 in Music Theory (TCL)
GouthamPiano Teacher
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Grade 8 in Piano [exp. 2024] (TCL) • Grade 5 in Music Theory (TCL)


Grade 8 Student (Chennai)
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Siddharth Sir not only helped me clear my grade exams, but also taught me things apart from the exam books; from baroque music to music theory to composition, to interesting piano pieces– he exposed me to various aspects of music. I feel like I started understanding music better and deeper after joining his online piano classes. He is the best music teacher I've ever had and I would recommend anyone who wants to learn piano to join Siddharth Sir's classes.
Grade 3 Student (Chennai)
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Mr. Siddharth Kumar, a pianist and my teacher, is a very committed person who makes learning a pleasure. He teaches us out of his passion for music and is not materialistic. He makes the online piano classes so interesting with extra activities such as elective courses, music theory, aural exercises, solfege singing etc. He will never make us feel bad when we are slow in understanding. He's always so encouraging and appreciative. He motivates us by giving various certificates and makes us feel proud of our accomplishments. He also gives us valuable tips while buying, what we need for our lessons. He puts his soul into whatever he does, I would say. He always keeps up his time and inspires us to do so also. He is very soft in his approach but firm in driving home what he wants to. He imparts knowledge very effectively to his students. However difficult a concept may be, he makes it very simple and comprehensible. I feel so privileged to have such a wonderful teacher.
Reshma Rao
M/O Beginner Student (Australia)
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We can only speak highly of this academy and our teacher Siddharth. We knew we found the right place from just attending his trial orientation presentation which was professional and emphasised the importance of music in the early years for kids. My boy was 6.5 years when he started online piano classes with Encore and has been actively engaged in each class with various online tools and theory and aural exercises. The class is well structured and we receive feedback every quarter..the yearly recitals encourages the students to perform bringing them all together on an online platform. I can only appreciate the passion, dedication and Siddharth's patience with kids.
Murali Krishnan
F/O Beginner Student (Australia)
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My 7 yr old started online Piano lessons with Encore Piano Academy last year. They provide the best online learning opportunity. The classes are so structured with quarterly feedback and yearly recitals. They always make learning a pleasure. My child enjoys every single class and looks forward to the next session. Riaz sir is extremely patient and very supportive. The time and effort they dedicate to us are extraordinary and making sure the student understands every single bit of the lesson and never rushes with time. We proudly recommend this Academy for everyone. They are so professional, friendly and Exceptionally passionate with what they do.
Vinod Gopal
F/O Grade 3 Student (Singapore)
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Siddharth & Encore has hugely helped shape my son Varun's musical interest in learning piano. Their effective teaching methods and engaging online lessons have enabled him to progress well in his grades. The coaching provided has been personalized to his needs as well. We are happy to have made the decision to engage Siddharth and Encore Piano Academy to shape his musical interest. They are truly an accomplished team of teachers and coaches.
Mukunda Shankar
Adult Intermediate Student (Bangalore)
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Siddharth's classes have a very holistic approach to music. Not only is one taught to play the piano the right way, students also learn about the great composers. One will learn how to appreciate and truly feel the joy of playing music! Siddharth's musical knowledge coupled with his modern teaching techniques make it suitable to any age group.


Yes! Not only can piano be taught online but all major music exam boards worldwide have also embraced online music exams as a permanent offering so that students anywhere in the world can attend exams online and get certified. 

80% focus will be on Western classical & 20% focus will be on other Western music genres.

Each class will be for 60 mins and there will be 4 classes per month.

The class timing will be decided based on a mutually convenient time for both the student and the teacher as all sessions are one-on-one sessions.

More than 60% of our students are learning from overseas countries so we do have provision for late night / early morning sessions to accommodate different time zones. Please note that classes scheduled during these timings will follow a different fee structure.

Online classes will be conducted through the Zoom app.

The minimum starting age is 6 years at Encore.

Encore only offers a piano programme. A piano curriculum is superior to a keyboard curriculum as it provides a more comprehensive and tactile learning experience, allowing students to develop proper hand technique, finger strength, and touch sensitivity that are crucial for nuanced musical expression. Additionally, the piano’s larger and weighted keys offer a more realistic emulation of the acoustic instrument, fostering a deeper understanding of musical dynamics and enhancing overall musicianship.

Yes, learning an instrument requires regular practice at home due to which you will need to have your own instrument. Please visit the Prerequisites page to read about the instrument requirements.

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