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Encore Piano Academy is a music school based in Chennai, India focusing exclusively on online Western Classical Piano Education.


We, at Encore Piano Academy, believe that our student’s health, well-being and convenience are the top priorities. This is the reason why we have launched our exclusive one-on-one online piano classes. The teacher’s are equipped with high definition cameras and microphones to ensure the quality of the lessons are not compromised and to make the experience as close to an in-person class.

Piano enthusiasts who have joined our online programme hail from Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.


The Encore curriculum has been developed with a strong emphasis on piano pedagogy. The curriculum and our teaching methods are in a state of constant evolution as we are always finding out ways of doing things differently to ensure the programme and it’s offering remain relevant to the changing times.

We treat graded music exams conducted by popular exams boards like Trinity, ABRSM, LCM, etc as just one important aspect of the overall programme and not the only thing the student works towards. Our philosophy is to nurture students into well-rounded musicians who can apply their skills in the real world and not just during an exam.

In terms of musical style, we strongly believe that music students would strongly benefit from having a strong foundation in Western Classical music due to which 80% focus will be on Western Classical repertoire while 20% focus will be on other popular music styles/genres including student choice repertoire. 

 The curriculum is designed with the purpose of training students in the four pillars of creating a well-rounded musician as described below:

Performance & Technique

Fluency & accuracy while performing Communication & interpretation of the pieces performed Technical control of the instrument Repertoire or the pieces the student can perform Stagecraft or stage presence


Gain a solid foundation in music literacy: the conventions of Western music notation, melody, rhythm and harmony Build knowledge of music history, as well as form and instrumental capabilities

Practical Musicianship

Sight-reading or the art of reading music notation/sheet music Aural or ear training General musical awareness about music history, styles, forms, etc.

Practise & Feedback

Effective practise strategies for best results Constructive feedback from the teacher to improve the overall performance


Our programs are also compatible with international music exam boards like Trinity College London and we provide coaching for interested students who would like to attend graded exams.


Siddharth Kumar is a western classical piano teacher in Chennai with close to 15 years of experience in music and the founder of Encore Piano Academy. He’s trained till Trinity College London’s Grade 8 in Piano Performance and is currently pursuing his ATCL Diploma in Piano (Trinity College London). His vision is to share the relatively unfamiliar treasure trove of western classical music with individuals so that more people can experience the value it adds to their lives.

His journey in music started in 2006, when he picked up the guitar to learn his favourite rock songs. During his grad and post-grad years, he was part of the college band and regularly performed and won college and inter-college competitions. Over the years, his interests moved from rock to metal and eventually western classical. 

After finishing his MBA, Siddharth worked for an MNC for eight years, and finally transformed his passion to his profession and started Encore Piano Academy. He has written a column on “Great Composers” for the online daily, “Pen News”, wherein he has profiled nearly 40 celebrated composers of the past four centuries.

He also happens to be an international award-winning professional photographer.


I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new skillset. The piano lessons are so much fun. Professional environment and compassionate teaching added to an amazing experience. Highly recommended!
Radha Srinivas, Chennai
We're both enjoying this new engagement. A big lesson - nothing is ever late... and not to tell about Siddharth's patience.
Jayakesh & Maria, Trivandrum
My son is enjoying the online piano program and is very passionate about it. He's already got a great guru. Siddharth is a great teacher.
Vinod Gopal, Bangalore


80% focus will be on Western classical & 20% focus will be on other Western music genres.

Each class will be for 60 mins and there will be 4 classes per month.

The class timing will be decided based on mutually convenient time for both the student and the teacher. Classes are usually scheduled during the weekends & weekday evenings.

Online classes will be conducted through Zoom app.

Yes, learning an instrument requires regular practice at home due to which you will need to have your own instrument. Please visit the Prerequisites page to read about the instrument requirements.

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