Academy Policy


  • There will be four classes per month, one class every week and each class will be for one hour.
  • If a month has 5 weeks, the 5th week will be considered a holiday.
  • Batch timings will be followed strictly as different batches are scheduled consecutively across the day & students are requested to come for their classes as per their batch timings to make full use of the session.
  • All students are expected to practise, come prepared for the classes and participate in recitals; it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure a practice routine is maintained and the student practises as per the instructions given by the teacher.
  • Parents of children 8yrs and below should attend all sessions with their child and be actively involved in the classes.
  • All online classes will be recorded for the purpose of teacher and student review by the Academy.
  • For students residing in daylight savings time zones, the IST class timings that were fixed will remain constant and you’ll need to adjust your time accordingly when the clocks change if you’ve chosen a slot during our regular teaching hours (between 8.00 AM & 8.00 PM IST)



  • The tuition fee is charged as a flat rate on a monthly/quarterly basis billed at the beginning of the academic month/quarter.
  • The tuition fee for the month/quarter must be paid in advance before the scheduled first week’s class of that month/quarter.
  • The classes for the month/quarter will only be booked basis of confirmed fee payment for the respective month/quarter.
  • The tuition fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and not adjustable against attendance or compensatory classes in case the student is not able to attend one or more classes in a month.
  • In case of delayed payment, a late fee of INR 300 per week will be charged starting from the second week of the month accruing every week. If the tuition and late fees are not paid even before the fourth academic week of the month, the student will risk losing their time slot.
  • The course books/study material is not included in the tuition fee and the student must buy this separately. All the books used for the programme are available on Amazon.
  • The fee is dependent on the level of the student. If a student gets promoted to a higher level, the fee for that level will be applicable.
  • The fee structure is subject to revision every two years and any change in fee structure will be intimated via WhatsApp & email.



  • Attendance is compulsory for all four classes, and they must be taken consecutively once every week.
  • For online classes, the meeting will be open the first 15 mins of the student’s class time slot. In case the student doesn’t show up during this period it will be considered a no-show and the class is forfeited.
  • In case a student is unable to attend a specific class, the cancellation for that class must be done only via the Google Calendar app by Declining the meeting invite for that specific session from the registered email address.



  • Students are eligible to take a compensatory class only for ONE missed class every month provided the 12-hour cancellation notice was given.
  • The time slots available for compensatory classes can be viewed and booked from our compensation booking page.
  • Compensatory classes must be consumed within 3 months from the day of the missed class beyond which it will be considered forfeited.
  • In case a class is cancelled because of the teacher, a compensatory class will be arranged for the student.
  • Absenteeism without intimation (no-shows) or short notice cancellations (less than 12-hr notice) will not be eligible for compensation class and the class is forfeited.
  • There will be no compensation class for a missed compensation class.



  • A 1-month notice must be given if a student wishes to take a break or discontinue classes.
  • Students are permitted to take a 1-month break (4 weeks) from classes in a calendar year with advance notice.
  • In case of a further break during the same calendar year, a break/slot holding fee amounting to 50% of the tuition fee per month will be applicable for holding the student’s slot till the time they return from the break since all sessions are 1-on-1 and slots are blocked exclusively for the student and the teachers will have to be compensated fairly for holding an empty slot.
  • A break fee will also be applicable if the student is absent for a month without prior intimation and the student’s slot booking with the teacher is guaranteed only if the break/slot holding fee is paid on time.