Academy Policy


  • Frequency: There will be four classes per month, each lasting one hour, scheduled once a week. Out of 52 weeks, classes will be scheduled for 48 weeks every academic year. 
  • Holidays: The remaining 4 weeks are designated as one week holidays at the end of every academic quarter, and no classes will be scheduled during this period. Advance notice will be provided at the beginning of the respective month to inform of this scheduled holiday. The Academy does not observe any public holidays. The schedule for the current academic year and holidays can be accessed from this link: 
  • Practice: All students are expected to practice and come prepared for classes. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure a consistent practice routine following the teacher’s instructions. 
  • Parental Involvement: Parents of children aged 8 and below should attend all sessions with their child, actively engaging in the classes. 
  • Curriculum: The classes will adhere to the Encore Curriculum, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the holistic development of each student as a musician. While Graded Exams constitute a crucial component of the curriculum, they are not the sole objective guiding our courses. 
  • Exam Preparation: As a standard practice, we reserve practical exams for beginners once they attain a minimum proficiency level of Grade 3, a milestone typically reached after approximately three years of dedicated study. Following this initial benchmark, students are sent for a maximum of 3 practical exams, strategically spaced to align with their continued musical growth. The decision to prepare and enrol students for graded music exams will be made at the discretion of the Academy/Teacher, considering the goals of the Encore curriculum, student’s progress, and their readiness for examinations. Importantly, unprepared students are not sent for exams. 
  • Language: English will exclusively serve as the medium of instruction and communication throughout the classes. 
  • Teacher Interaction: Teachers are permitted to interact with students or their parents only during class hours. Students are expected to raise questions and seek clarification from teachers solely during their classes. 
  • Recitals: Student recitals are scheduled every 6 months, and all eligible students are required to participate in the recitals as they are aimed at developing performance as a skill. The recitals will be published on the Encore social media channels. 
  • Recording: All classes will be recorded for the purpose of teacher & student evaluation by the Academy. 
  • Daylight Saving Adjustments: For students residing in daylight savings time zones, the IST class timings will remain fixed, and you’ll need to adjust your time accordingly when the clocks change. 
  • Instrument: Students are allowed to use a 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard until Grade 3. From Grade 4 onwards, an 88-key digital or acoustic piano is mandatory. Depending on the type of instrument, an adjustable stand, bench and pedal unit may also be required. Non-touch sensitive keyboards are not permitted at any grade. 



  • Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for all four classes, taken consecutively once every week. 
  • Timings: Class timings will be strictly followed as classes are scheduled consecutively across the day, and students are urged to attend classes punctually to maximise the session’s benefits. If the teacher has not arrived within the initial two minutes of the scheduled class start time, please promptly notify the Encore admin. 
  • Wait Time: The teacher will keep the meeting open for the first 15 mins of the student’s class time slot. In case the student doesn’t show up during this period it will be considered a no-show and the class is forfeited. The teacher is not required to be available for the class if the student arrives after the 15-minute mark unless intimated beforehand. 
  • Cancellations: Cancellations must be done only via the Google Calendar app by declining the respective class event, with no cancellations accepted via WhatsApp or direct teacher communication. 



  • Eligibility: Students are eligible to take a compensatory class only for one missed class every month with a 12-hour cancellation notice. Absenteeism without intimation (no-shows) or short notice cancellations (less than 12-hr notice) will not be eligible for compensation class and the class is forfeited. There will be no further compensation class for a missed or cancelled compensation class. 
  • Booking: Compensatory class slots can be viewed and booked on the compensation booking page. 
  • Expiry: Compensatory classes must be taken within 3 months from the missed class date beyond which they are treated forfeited. 
  • Teacher Cancellation: If a class is cancelled by the teacher, a compensatory class will be arranged for the student. 



  • Billing: Tuition fee is charged on a flat quarterly basis at the start of the academic quarter. The tuition fee is non-refundable, non-transferable to other students, and not adjustable against missed or compensation classes. For cases of breaks and discontinuation with notice, please refer to the next section. 
  • Payment & Booking: Tuition fees must be paid in advance before the scheduled first week’s class and sessions for the quarter will only be booked based on confirmed fee payment. 
  • Late Fee: A late fee of INR 500 will be charged for delayed payments. Failure to settle both the tuition and late fees by the beginning of the fourth academic week of the month will result in the student forfeiting their allocated time slot with the teacher and being removed from rolls.  
  • Course Books: The course books are not included in the tuition fee and must be purchased separately from any popular e-commerce portal like Amazon. 
  • Fee Structure: The fee is level-dependent. If a student advances to a higher level, the fee for that specific level will apply. The fee structure is subject to revision every two academic years. 



  • Notice: A 1-month notice is required if a student wishes to take a break or discontinue classes.  
  • Break Duration: Students are permitted to take a 1-month break (4 weeks) from classes in a calendar year without paying the fee for that month provided the 1-month notice was given. 
  • Break Fee: Taking additional breaks during the same calendar year will incur a break/slot holding fee, equivalent to 50% of the monthly tuition fee. This fee is necessary to reserve the student’s slot with the teacher during their absence. Given that all sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis and slots are exclusively blocked for individual students, this compensation ensures fair remuneration for teachers holding an empty slot until the student’s return. 
  • Fee Refunds: For breaks with at least one month’s notice, any fees paid already for the break month will be credited toward the next quarter’s fee. Deductions for break fees (if applicable) will be made prior to crediting the amount. The balance due for the next quarter must be paid at the start of the quarter to secure bookings. Should a student decide to discontinue classes, any pre-paid fees for future months will be refunded to the original payment source within 3-5 working days, provided the academy receives one month’s notice for discontinuation. 
  • Breaks Without Notice: The break fee is also applicable if the student is absent for a month without prior intimation and the student’s slot booking with the teacher is guaranteed only if the break/slot holding fee is paid on time.